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Line Dancing: An Old Favourite

Line dancing may have probably existed for many centuries and like other dances, it has evolved to jive in with the modern music. It makes everyone move simultaneously to a certain kind of music hence making the act as fun and free-flowing as possible.


As the name implies, line dancing is a kind of dance wherein participants will perform the steps in lines or rows. Participants execute the dance steps in unison at the same time and face the same direction. There is rare interaction among people because all of them perform the same steps at the same time.


The dances are commonly performed to the tune of country music. However, it surprisingly did not originate from any country or western places. The steps and the manner of dancing were believed to have coined from folk activities in ancient times. Another form believed to have contributed to this modern method is the Contra. Contra dancing is a folk dance in North America wherein the people joining in form two lines each facing away from each other. Together, they perform a series of dance steps. It was only during 1980s that the art of line dancing has become popularly attuned to country songs.


Most movements are performed using the legs and feet, while the advanced versions will include arms and hands. “Count” is the term used for the movements done in this form of dancing. A single count or single dance step is equivalent to one music beat; hence for every movement or step a music beat is also taking place.

However, it doesn’t necessarily follow that the number of beats is equal to the number of steps as well because steps may be performed with every two or even more beats. The steps executed in Line Dancing are identified with unique names.

Today’s Modern World

The steps used are not as complicated as with other dances and does not require any partner. These days, line dancing is used in country and western dance studios, dance halls, and social clubs in different parts of the world.

Its popularity is continuously growing and has been one of the most popular examples of musical interaction because of the use of relaxed country and western music. In addition, it gives dancers the opportunity to dance without the necessity to take a partner when practicsing or even know anyone when you take part.

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