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Dance Classes for Your Kids

Dance classes for your kids are available for virtually every type of dance style including ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, hip hop, and ballroom. Almost all types of dancing can improve kids’ grace, coordination, poise, confidence and balance. Additionally, there’s the excitement of learning something new, making friends and getting some exercise disguised as fun.

Once you find the right teacher, children’s dance lessons can work wonders in helping kids grow. When kids accomplish different positions in ballet or steps in tap, their self-esteem rises. Mastering a dance routine elicits a child’s sense of pride. There are also the physical benefits—when taught correctly, kids learn proper posture and how to align and move their bodies to create flow and movement. Plus, dancing is fun and a skill upon which they can build and enjoy for the rest of their lives.

To find the right dance class for your child, first, depending on your child’s age, ask them what kind of dance your child is interested in learning. Lots of little girls love ballet and most boys gravitate toward hip hop or tap.

Selecting a local dance studio convenient to the Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa, and Tempe Arizona area, is probably easier than you’d expect. Chances are you have friends with kids who are taking or have already taken dance classes, so start by asking them for referrals and suggestions. Go online and search for local dance studios and read up on the kids’ dance lessons they offer. Make sure that the dance class times offered will fit well into your children’s schedules.

It’s usually best to observe a class before you register and find out the cost of the dance lesson from the staff at the studio.
Getting to know the instructor is a good idea. Often the best time to speak directly with an instructor is a few minutes before or after class. To be sure you don’t interrupt the class schedule or bog down the teacher, it is best to call the studio beforehand and ask what their policies and procedures are for visitors and potential new class members.

A dance teacher needs to have a thorough knowledge about dance, body conditioning and teaching children, in general. When you arrive at the studio, ask questions about the teacher’s qualifications. Has he or she ever been a professional dancer, or earned a degree in dance? How long has he or she been instructing? Proper dancing requires good instruction. Poor form can lead to injuries and waste your money. You should also ask about the size of the class. More one-on-one time can be given in classes with smaller numbers of students.

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